This Week in Gotham #89


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This week is all about assassins and crime lords.  The three books we are looking at today are Detective Comics #953, Batman Beyond #6, and Batgirl #9. 

Cassandra Cain is out for revenge while half the Bat team have been kidnapped in Detective Comics #953. A lot happens in this issue that makes it difficult to keep track of what is going on.  None of these sub-stories are bad, it is just too much at once.  That being said there is one scene in the beginning with Commissioner Gordon that was completely pointless. 

In the far future the League of Assassins is still a pain in the backside for Batman in Batman Beyond #6.  A lot of this comic is set-up and epilogue.  They made this comic to be an epilogue to the previous story arc while also being the first chapter of a new story arc.  Unlike Detective Comics this comic does not feel over cramped.  I just wonder if it is a good idea to have two different League of Assassin’s story lines going on at the same time.

Batgirl uses the opportunity to date her new boyfriend to see what he is secretly up to in Batgirl #9.  The main plot for this story is really well written and there is not to talk about on that side of the comic.  However, there is a sub-plot where Barbara Gordon talks to one of her friends about a personal matter that is greatly written.  The problem is this scene feels out of a place and there is no pay-off to the scene at all.

This Week in Gotham #88


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It’s St. Patrick’s Day!  Do me a favour and have a drink for me as I can’t drink.  This week we have five books, Batman #19, All Star *Batman #8, Nightwing #17, Batwoman #1, and Super Sons #2.

Can the inmates of Arkham Asylum delay Bane enough that Batman can save Gotham Girl’s sanity in Batman #19?  While enjoyed this issue there is about a dozen things I would have liked if it was written differently.   This whole story arc feels awkward to me and I think it is because that the author is focusing more on Bane than on Batman.

Batman attacks the base of the Mad Hatter in All Star*Batman #8.  If you ever wanted to try acid, read this book instead!  The story is very enjoyable but the art makes you feel uncomfortable due to how utterly bizarre it is.  I’m pretty sure that the writer and artist intended for this effect but I’m not sure.

Nightwing and Robin go on the hunt for Nightwing’s girlfriend to rescue her in Nightwing #17.  I love this whole series and this issue just made me fall in love with it even more, however, there is one point in the story where I thought they could do a lot more character development for Robin. 

Ghost from Kate Kane’s past comes back to haunt her as she hunts down the remainder of the Monster Venom in Batwoman #1.  Before I say anything about the story I am so glad that the author brought back Julia Pennyworth, Alfred’s daughter.  She was a great addition to Batman Eternal and I’m so happy we can see the next part of her character arc.  As for the story itself, this is a great start to a new story.  We have mystery and action.  The one thing I’m going to complain about is that an aspect of her character was not being touched on is this issue and I don’t know how the writer can incorporate this aspect in the future without it feeling awkward. 

Super Boy and Robin get caught out late by Lex Luther in Super Sons #2.  This issue made me laugh because it reminded me of an episode of Pinky and the Brain.  I’m amazed at how well this team-up between Super Boy and Robin works.  Super Boy is trying to be the best son in the world while Robin is a total brat sometimes. 


This Week in Gotham #87


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The theme of this week is “bad luck”.  We have four books to look at this week and they are Detective Comics #952, Red Hood and Outlaws #8, Batgirl and the Birds of Prey #8, and Gotham Academy Second Semester #7. 

When the League of Shadows leader reveals herself a secret comes out that shocks Cassandra Cain to her core in Detective Comics #952.  This issue was enjoyable however the reveal was obvious from the first page.  I’m not going to say anything about the reveal since I want you to be as surprised as possible.  The one thing I was surprised about is the ending and what the Bat Family has to do next.

Artimus discovers her best friend is still alive in Red Hood and the Outlaws #8.  Artimus is a character that has been in the series since issue 1 but more of a side character and this issue changed the focus on to her.  I’m very glad that Artimus has some good character development but I’m worried that it’s a bit late in the series.  This whole series so far has been primarily focused on the Red Hood.  I don’t know how the majority of readers will react to the change of focus.

Nightwing seeks the help of the Birds of Prey in Batgirl and the Birds of Prey #8.  Unfortunately this is not a crossover with the current Nightwing story line that I really enjoyed.  This doesn’t mean it is a bad issue, it just means I have no clue where in the time line this story takes place.  My favourite thing about this issue is that it does tie up some loose ends that were left over from the series Grayson.

Olivia‘s world is turned upside down after a discovery that changes everything in Gotham Academy Second Semester #7.  After believing that she murdered her friend Tristan she runs away from her friends to learn about her mysterious room-mate.  While this sounds confusing if you read this issue you are not going to be disappointed.  Can’t tell you much other than that.


This Week in Gotham #86


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We only have two books this week, Batman #18 and Nightwing #16.  One of the comics is really great, the other is forgettable.

While Batman and Bane are fighting there are flashbacks of each of their childhoods in Batman #18.  There are some similarities however I don’t know how much of their origin stories have been rewritten to fit the current story line.  The flashbacks were the most interesting part of the comic but the rest of the story was forgettable.

Nightwing has to deal with Damion Wayne and relationship issues in Nightwing #16.  I enjoyed this issue a lot however I think the beginning of this comic was mostly filler.  I hope this story is going to be as good as the previous one.  There are direction this story could go and I’m very excited to see what happens next.

This Week in Gotham #85


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This week is all about action.  We only have three books to look at this week.  The books are Detective Comics #951, Batman Beyond #5, and Batgirl #8

A member of the League of Shadows ticks Batman and his team into thinking that there is city-wide terrorist attack in Detective Comics #951.  While I love this author, this issue was forgettable which is unusual for James Tynion IV.  There is an interesting sub-plot however where Batwoman is discussing with Batman how to try to get Orphan a normal life.  The author should have done a lot more focus on the sub-plot on this issue and end with the main plot leading into the next issue.

Terry McGuinnes has to save old man Bruce Wayne from a Joker-obsessed gang leader in Batman Beyond #5.  I enjoyed this issue a lot but I have to say that it feels like the story forgot some plot points from the previous four issues.  Terry’s former girlfriend just learns in the previous issue that Terry is Batman and still alive.  However, in this issue there is no continuation to that sub-plot at all. 

Batgirl is trying to learn about her new boyfriend in Batgirl #8.  This issue had two plots that were interesting however the sub-plot did not further the main plot.  The sub-plot had no connection to the main plot of the story. 

This Week in Gotham #84


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This week we add two new series to the Batman line of books.  The four books we are looking at are Batman #17, Nightwing #15, Batwoman Rebirth #1, and Super Sons #1.

Bane starts kidnapping Batman’s allies in Batman #17.  Finally we have a Bane story that uses his intelligence.  I have been reading comics for five years now and up until now all the stories that had Bane in them were written very similarly.  I am glad that this issue changed the way Bane was being portrayed because he is meant to be a strong person with the intelligence of Batman.  Up until now you saw hints of his intelligence but he was mostly used as a brute for the last five years. 

Nightwing is living in paradise with his new girlfriend, Shawn Tsang.  This issue serves as an epilogue for the Bludhaven story line.  Nightwings girlfriend is a former super villain that he caught when he was Robin.  This is a well written story with a tragic end and I want to strangle the author for the ending.

We revisit Batwoman’s origin and recap her story into present day in Batwoman Rebirth #1.  While this issue is a great recap for new readers, if the writing style doesn’t change, this book may fail.  I am looking forward to what they foreshadowed in this issue but if it’s not written well there will be no point in what they previewed. 

Damion Wayne and Jonathan Kent get into mischief in Super Sons #1.  The sons of Batman and Superman star in their own comic which is written as an action comedy.  I enjoyed this book a lot due to the fact that it did make me laugh.  Comedy in comic books really needs to be good for me to enjoy it.  If they keep the formula from this issue, then I will look forward to the next issue.


This Week in Gotham #83


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 We have five books this week and one of them is an anniversary issue.  This week we are looking at Detective Comics #950, All*Star Batman #7, Batgirl and the Birds of Prey #7, Red Hood and Outlaws #7, and Gotham Academy Second Semester #6.

In the anniversary issue of Detective Comics we have unique stories.  Detective Comics #950 sets the stage for the next big story line.  One of my favourite things about this issue was the way they handled the story about Cassandra Cain.  The problem I had with the second story is it makes you question if the Knightfall storyline is still in continuity.  As for the last story it is just one big foreshadowing of events to come.  For the collectors, I’m not sure if this issue will have significant value but I am pretty sure that when Detective Comics reaches its 1,000th issue it will be worth buying.

Batman teams up with Poison Ivy to find a cure for a disease in All*Star Batman #7.  The previous issue felt completely different from the rest of the series but this issue put the story back on track, I feel.  There is one problem however in the series Trinity.  Poison Ivy is the current bad guy in the Trinity comic book with All*Star Batman the writer never established where in the time line this takes place. 

Black Canary and the Huntress go undercover as Home Hunters in Batgirl and the Birds of Prey #7.  This issue I found amusing.  I do not know if this story line will continue or not but if it does continue I hope it is written in the same style as this issue. 

The Red Hood debates with himself whether it is a good idea to kill Bizzarro for the public safety in Red Hood and the Outlaws #7.  I find this issue very interesting because this shows that this series focusing less on the violence and more on the character interaction which is different for the writer.  The last Red Hood series was a comedy of sorts.  It had its serious moments but it overall focused on the comedy.  This series on the other hand is a lot more like a drama and I loved every page of it.

Olivia and her gang find what they need to protect their friend however they have to go through the preteen super villain, The Symbol in Gotham Academy Second Semester #6.  This issue could have been a great story had it not been for the introduction of The Symbol.  This character adds nothing to the story line.  I feel like this story would have been over if they didn’t add that unnecessary character.   

This Week in Gotham #82



One story begins while another one ends.  That’s why we only have two books this week, Batman #16 and Nightwing #14. 

Batman prepares for the inevitable confrontation with Bane in Batman #16.  There is a lot of elements to this issue that I like and some I don’t like.  My biggest complaint is that we see Batman trying to convince his allies to stay away from the fight when we see this every story.  It is getting to the point where it is comical.  However the best thing that this comic does is give you an insight into Batman’s logic.  We hardly ever see this done and I would love to see more of it.

Nightwing and his new partner have to confront the criminal, Mr. Nice, in Nightwing #14.  This is an amazing ending to the Bludhaven story line.  Nightwing ends this story with a new group of friends that could act as allies in combat. 

This Week in Gotham #81


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The three books that we have this week focuses a lot on character development which is a good thing most of the time. The three books we are looking at are Detective Comics #949, Batman Beyond #4 and Batgirl #7. 

Batwoman has to defend the Bat Family’s base in Detective Comics #949.  As I said there is a lot of character development in this book.  The problem with this issue is we don’t get any conclusions to any of the sub-plots.  I felt like this was a great opportunity for the writer to tie up a few loose ends but I guess he has other plans.  I have a feeling that people who don’t read this comic and want to read the new Batwoman comic will be totally lost due to the fact that this story continues in the new Batwoman comics.

Terry McGuiness has to save himself and his former girlfriend in Batman Beyond #4.  I enjoyed this action packed issue a lot.  One thing that I thought the author could have handled better was the revealing of the secret to the characters that the readers already knew about.

Barbara Gordon finds a new boyfriend who is the Penguin’s own son in Batgirl #7.  This issue is a great start to a new story line.  I am so interested in how this story plays out.  I do not know if the Penguin’s son is a new character or has been in a comic before.  I am a little worried, however, that the story will turn into something that we have seen thousands of times before.



This Week in Gotham #80

This is a small week for Batman Comics.  All we have is Batman #15 and Nightwing #13.  In other news we have twenty blogs posts to go until the one hundredth this week in Gotham post.  On the one hundredth post I will review any comics that week and discuss my favourite story from the last one hundredth weeks.

Batman learns that someone set up Catwoman in Batman #15. Before we get into the issue itself, I want to comment that on the DC website the character Swamp Thing would appear in this issue.  He was nowhere to be found.  The story of the issue was well written.  In my opinion I believe DC is setting up Catwoman for a heroic sacrifice but I don’t want them to kill off Catwoman.

As he goes deeper into the rabbit-hole of Bludhaven , Nightwing has to save the mayor in Nightwing #13.  While I enjoyed this story line, this issue was weak.  The previous three issues were so good that this issue pales in comparison.  Part of this is I believe that the writer wrote himself into a bit of a corner. This is not a bad comic, it just didn’t carry the same level of excitement that the last three issues had.