This Week in Gotham #105


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This week we have only four books to talk about and nothing else.  The four books we are looking at today are Detective Comics #961, All*Batman #12, Batman Beyond #10, and Batgirl #13.  Let’s get this thing done.

The Bat Family fight for their survival in Batman Detective Comics #961.  Unlike the other part of this story, there was really nothing memorable about this chapter.  By the time I finished reading all of my comics I had actually forgotten that I had read this issue.  I don’t know what went wrong here.  It had the potential to be a good issue however I barely remember a thing about it.

Batman and Alfred must survive Alfred’s former teacher’s attack in All*Batman #12.  This my favourite issue of All*Batman so far.  We learn more about Alfred’s past as a Black Ops operative.  There is one scene where Alfred has to talk some sense into Batman and it is written wonderfully well.  I hope the last two issues of this series is written as well as this.

Can Terry McGuinness control his anger while Bruce talks to Damion in Batman Beyond #10.  This issue is more or less just one long fight scene.  There is some good character interaction but very little character development.  I think this is a filler issue because the story could have been told in five to ten pages instead of twenty. 

Batgirl and Catwoman team up to save a pair of pets in Batgirl #13.  This is not a serious story.  It is meant for just a light-hearted bit of fun.  There is nothing much to complain about for this story because it is very well written.



This Week in Gotham #104


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San Diego Comicon is this weekend and already we have some great Batman announcements.  But this blog is about the current comics that came out Wednesday.  This week we have four books.  They are Batman #27, Nightwing #25, Batwoman #5, and Super Sons #6.

What happens when you push a good man too far?  In Batman #27 we get the first part of the origins of the villain Kiteman.  While this was a great story it is hard to take the ending seriously.  I don’t know if the intention was to make the ending as ridiculous as possible but the author succeeded in the part.

Can Nightwing keep his girlfriend after breaking her trust?  Find out in the end of Nightwing #25.  This is the ending of the blockbuster story arc in which Nightwing has to be a guinea pig for villains.  I have to say that this is a bit of a disappointing ending.  There is nothing here that we haven’t seen before in other Nightwing story lines and I really hoped that we could have seen something different.

We dive deeper into Batwoman’s past in Batwoman #5.  This is a story about an abusive, manipulative relationship.  This issue made me feel very uncomfortable as the story should.  Like I said before, I have never had firsthand experience with this kind of matter, so I can’t tell how realistic it felt.  What I can say is I think the comic invoked feelings that the author wanted me to feel.

Superboy learns whether or not he can join the Teen Titans in Super Sons #6.  Another hilarious issue that I can’t wait for the next part of the story.  There is very little I can complain about with this story line.  If I had to pick one complaint though it would be that we see the young super hero “has to go to bed” cliché too much. 


This Week in Gotham #103


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Hello again internet.  We have another blog today.  We are reviewing six books today. They are Supergirl #11, Dark Days, The Casting #1, Detective Comics #916, Batgirl and the Birds of Prey #12, Red Hood and the Outlaws #12, and Gotham Academy Second Semester #11. 

Can Batgirl and Supergirl escape the Phantom Zone in Supergirl #11.  This is going to be the last Supergirl comic I review until Batgirl returns to a Supergirl story.  As for the comic itself, I can’t tell you much because it is the final chapter in a story.  I can say that I was very satisfied with the ending and can’t wait to continue with Supergirl in the future.

What is Batman’s secret?  We learn this in Dark Days, The Casting #1.  This is the second prologue to next month’s Dark Nights Medal story.  What is interesting about this prologue is, while it leaves you with a lot of questions, you can almost piece together answers. I’m very excited for Dark Nights Medal and this prologue just turned my excitement level to 11.

When a member of Batman’s team goes crazy it is up to the rest of the team to defend themselves in Detective Comics #916.  This comic references events from Batman and Robin Eternal which I love that they haven’t forgotten about it. My only issue with this story is it seems a bit slow and I don’t know if this is intentional or not.  I hope the next story will have a better pace than this one.

Catwoman joins the Birds of Prey in Batgirl and the Birds of Prey #12.  This issue is completely a set-up for the rest of the current story and if you are not aware, I don’t really like set-up issues. The author didn’t even try to make this seem like anything other than a set-up.  I hope the rest of the story is written better than this.

The Red Hood and Artemis try to save Bizzaro’s life in Red Hood and the Outlaws #12. This could have been a great issue but instead it is just an OK issue.  The biggest problem was that the writer started the story on an emotional level and then it flat-lined.  This could have been a master-piece story and then it got dropped.

Maps and the gang break into Wayne Manor only to deal with Damion Wayne in Gotham Academy Second Semester #11. I was wrong to think that the series was getting terrible.  This is a good issue.  I enjoyed it, however I still think that the series needs to be put on hold for a while.  Next issue is the final issue and unlike last month, I have more hope that it will end well.

This Week in Gotham #102


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This week I have finished two exams, not that anyone really cares about that.  We have two books to review this week.  They are Batman #26 and Nightwing #24.  Let’s get this review started, shall we?

The war of jokes and riddles rages on in Batman #26.  This issue is a very character driven story.  We have loads of character development for Batman, the Joker and the Riddler.  I enjoyed this comic but I was a little confused as to why the last issue said it was going to be about Batman having to choose a side when in reality there wasn’t anything about that in the story itself.  Whether this comes up or not in a future issue I have no idea.

Nightwing becomes a guinea pig for experimental weapons in Nightwing #24.  This whole book is one big action scene.  It reminds me of a scene in a movie that I can’t remember the name of.  I’m really curious about where Nightwing will be character-wise by the end of the story.  The only complaint I have for this issue is the scenes with Nightwing’s girlfriend, Shawn, I felt were unnecessary.

This Week in Gotham #101


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Today for the first time we are reviewing an out-of-continuity Batman comic or at least I hope it is out-of-continuity.  For today only we are reviewing Batman/Elmer Fudd #1.  The other three books we are looking at are Detective Comics #959, Batman Beyond #9, and Batgirl #12.  You may want to get some aspirin because it is going to get weird.

Elmer Fudd has to kill Bruce Wayne for his revenge in Batman/Elmer Fudd#1.  Seriously DC comics how much drugs were you on to green light this?  This comic feels weird to read.  I don’t know whether to laugh or be disturbed.  To the book’s credit, Elmer Fudd talks and acts like Elmer Fudd should.  Other than that, this book is just plain weird.

To fight the enemy Batman acquires help from his old friend, Zatanna, in Detective Comics #959.  What I like about this comic is you learn a bit about how Batman knows about the mystical world via flashbacks.  However, the part that took me out of the story was the amount of talking.  There is enough character development here for two issues.  I like character development but there is such a thing as too much.

Terry McGuiness has to fight Damion, the son of Bruce Wayne, in Batman Beyond #9.  This is just one long fight scene with a bit of history about what happened to Damion between the current DC Universe and this future that we see in this comic.  I’m surprised that this book took a route like this because the other issues mostly have a different type of storytelling.

Batgirl has to fight in a pool in Batgirl #12.  My apologies for that intro as I really do not like this issue.  This issue is filler and that is all it is.  You can’t say that it’s so that the artist can draw Batgirl in a sexy bathing suit because her bathing suit is a one-piece suit that you could see on a pool employee.  Why this issue was even written baffles my mind.


This Week in Gotham #100


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Welcome to the 100th posting of this week’s Gotham blog!  If only we could get a comic series to issue 100 without being rebooted, that would be great.  It would feel like the ‘good old days’.  For this 100th blog we have five comics.  They are Batman #25, All*Batman #11, Nightwing #23, Batwoman #4, and Super Sons #5.

Before we get into the reviews themselves, I would like to thank the few of you who follow this blog.  I would like to thank my Grandmother who types this blog for me since I can’t type that well.  And lastly, I would like to thank DC comics for finally realizing how to tell a decent story again.  With that said I liked The New 52 but the worst comic I had to review came from that era which was the Black Canary Comic.  Let’s hope DC doesn’t allow another book to go that terrible.  And now we return to out regularly scheduled review.

Batman narrates his greatest failure in Batman #25.  I love this issue because while it is a set-up issue for the next 7 issues, it reintroduces the Joker and the Riddler in such a way that it feels fresh.  That being said I don’t know how well this story will be handled being spread out over 8 issues.  The reason for me saying this is there is a ton information given in the very first issue and don’t know how much information there could be left.

Alfred’s past comes back to haunt him and Batman in All*Batman #11.  We learn a lot about Alfred’s military career and I enjoy having this part of Alfred’s history in more detail.  When the author first introduced Alfred’s military career back in Batman Eternal it was just glossed over.  There is a small hope inside of me that we get a mini-series about Alfred’s past.  I hope they are working towards this.

Nightwing has a job offer from a villain in Nightwing #23.  While the cover of the comic makes it look like an action story, the story itself is more of a drama.  I don’t mind having a more dramatic issue once in a while.  The only problem I have with this comic is that Nightwing was too trusting of the bad guy.  I’m very interested as to where this story is heading. 

Batwoman has to deal with her ex-girlfriend in a violent way in Batwoman #4.  This was the ending of the first story arc in the Batwoman comic.  While I liked the ideas the comic had, I thought it was a pretty mediocre ending. 

Robin and Superboy try to settle their differences in the Bat Cave in Supersons #5.  This is also the ending of the first story arc of the Supersons comic.  Unlike Batwoman #4 I enjoyed this ending a lot more and I felt the need to be excited for the next issue.  I hope that we don’t revisit story elements that we already have seen in this story arc.  I loved this series and I hope they treat this with the respect it deserves.



This Week in Gotham #99


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Next week’s blog is the 100th “This Week in Gotham” blog.  However, this week we have our first ever Event Comic.  There are 6 books we are looking at today.  They are Supergirl #10, Dark Days: The Forge #1, Detective Comics #958, Batgirl and the Birds of Prey #11, Red Hood and the Outlaws #11, and Gotham Academy Second Semester #10.

Batgirl and Supergirl have to escape from inter-dimentional pirates in Supergirl #10.  While I’m enjoying this story line this issue could have been written a lot better.  There were moments where I felt disconnected from the story.  I don’t know I would have improved this although I hope the next issue is better written.

Time is running out for Batman as the Justice League comes closer to finding out one of his biggest secrets in Dark Days: The Forge #1.  Batman learns that all magical items are made from the same metal.  I like this concept as it ties the magic side of DC and Super Hero side together.  This whole story line is inspired by Heavy Metal music.  The problem is that while I love Heavy Metal I don’t know enough about it to get every reference. 

When a friend of the Bat Family shows up bloody and bruised the Bat Family investigates in Detective Comics #958.  This comic is all set-up for future comics.  There are a lot questions and zero answers.  I hope that the whole story line does not follow this pattern because I couldn’t handle that.  There are some great concepts in the latter half of this issue but the biggest problem is that we don’t know enough about the center character to care about the story and I would love if this character gets some development.

The Birds of Prey learn Oracles secret in Batgirl and the Birds of Prey #11.  This is an issue that should have been two issues.  There is a lot going on that could have been spread out.  I enjoyed what was in there but I felt like this comic was rushed. 

The Red Hood has to stop a genocide from happening in Red Hood and the Outlaws #11.  This is the final battle of the current story arc so I am not going to tell you a lot of details.  I will say that I found this conclusion to be very satisfying and the ending leaves you with worry for a character.

Can Olivia snap out of her demonic possession in Gotham Academy Second Semester #10?  We have two issues left after this issue and I have to say I can’t wait for this comic to be over.  A lot of plot points in this issue I felt were rehashed from other issues.  I hope the last two issues can surprise me but at this point I am not holding my breath. 


This Week in Gotham #98


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 Welcome to the first week of the second year of DC Universe Rebirth.  We only have two books to start off this second year of comics.  The two books we are looking today are Batman #24 and Nightwing #22.

Gotham Girl gives Batman some much needed counselling in Batman #24.  This is an epilogue to the last year of Batman Comics.  This feels very rewarding when you get to the last page of the book.  The reason I say this is because it feels like the character of Batman is evolving.  The only problem I have is, is this for real or are they just saying it to troll the reader. 

The crime lord, Tiger Shark, is hunting Nightwing down in Nightwing #22.  This issue is a set-up issue for a larger story arc.  I don’t know if I enjoyed this particular issue or not due to the fact there is so much going on it is hard to wrap your heard around it.  What I can say though is that Nightwing kept a relationship that would have usually ended by now.  That’s different. 


This Week in Gotham #97


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This is the last blog of DC Rebirth Year 1.  There will be comics next week but none of them I write about on this site so there will not be a blog next week.  We only three books to review which are:  Detective Comics #957, Batman Beyond #8, and Batgirl #11.

The Spoiler does everything in her power to ruin Batman’s image in Detective Comics #957.  I’m not really sure if this meant to be a single issue story or a prologue to the next story arc.  It wasn’t that clear to me.  The story itself had some fantastic character development for Spoiler and I am really interested as to the author’s plans for this character.  On the flip side, the bad guy in this story was so forgettable that I can’t even remember his name.  If this is a prologue to another story arc and it has the same bad guy, it’s going to feel awkward.

Terry McGuiness has to fight his own combat suit in Batman Beyond #8.  This is another well written issue in this series, however, there was a lot of missed opportunities with his suit malfunctioning that the author could have written about.  I did not feel like Terry was in danger at any point and I also felt like that Bruce was over-reacting.  I know this is not the point that the author was trying to make but it really was hard for me to feel the way the author wanted me to feel. 

Batgirl learns that the Penguin is a really terrible Father in Batgirl #11.  This is the final chapter of the Son of Penguin story line and I’ve got to say it is one of my favourite Batgirl story lines in a long time.  This story is a decent allegory for an abusive relationship.  I can’t say if this story is a good representation of domestic violence because it looks different in every case.

This Week in Gotham #96


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Yet another weird week for the blog.  We have another Flash comic to review as The Button story line ends.  The five books we are talking about this week are The Flash #22, Batman #23, Nightwing #21, Batwoman #3, and Super Sons #4.

Batman and the Flash try to save two lives with little success in the Flash #22.  If you are expecting some sort of answers for the question the story asks, you’re not going to get them.  This ending of The Button story line was the lowest the part of this four issue story.  The main problem is that it’s a set up for a story line called Superman: Doomsday Clock and for that we will have to wait until frigging November.

Batman and Swamp Thing team up to solve the murder of Swamp Thing’s father in Batman #23.  I don’t know important this story is to the overall Batman narrative due to the fact that it is a single issue story line.  As for the story itself, it’s a well written story however the way that it ends you can’t help but hate Swamp Thing.  I don’t know if this was the author’s intention or if there was a hidden meaning behind the story.

Dick Grayson and the original Wally West have a guy’s night out in Nightwing #21.  Never thought I had to address this on my blog!  There are two characters with the same name as Wally West.  I’m not going into more details because it will get confusing as I don’t have ten pages to talk about this.  Nightwing #21 is a fun issue.  This story takes a break from the serious and dark tone that the Nightwing comic has been going for and just shows two best friends and what they will do for each other.  Like Batman #23, it’s a one issue story that I very enjoyed and highly recommend it to anyone who is a Nightwing fan.

Batwoman tries to go undercover but her crazy ex-girlfriend ruins it in Batwoman #3.  Unlike the previous issues, this issue is more of a ‘meh’ than anything else.  The biggest problem I have is the fact that it feels like a single scene stretched out to fit a whole comic. 

Lastly, Robin and Super Boy have to face off against Kid Amazo in Super Sons #4.  This series keeps getting funnier and funnier and we are just in the fourth issue.  When you get to the end of this comic and you are not laughing you have no soul.  I can’t wait for the next issue and it takes a really good comedy comic to get me to that point.