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 This week we will have longest entry on this blog so far.  Last week I could not write the blog due to the fact that my scribe who is my Grandmother couldn’t get to my house because she didn’t have a car.  We have 9 books.  They are Batman Who Laughs #1, Justice League #33, Batman #35, Nightwing #33, Batwoman #9, Super Sons #10, Detective Comics #969, Batman Beyond #14 and Batgirl #17.  This will be the last blog for a while.  I have no idea when or if I will return.  I just want to focus on a different project. 

When Batman breaks his one rule to kill the Joker he ends up becoming the Joker himself in Batman Who Laughs #1.  First things first, this is an alternate time line so this doesn’t happen to the main Batman.  Second thing is a lot of people love this comic.  I however think it is just OK.  This is hard for me to say because it is my favourite author and I can’t figure out why I don’t love this story.  I should, but something in me refuses to like this story. 

Cyborg has to fight his own programming and free the Justice League in Justice League #33.  You had one job, Justice League #33 to end this part of this story in a unique way.  You failed it!  Most of this book could have been summed up in a few pages.  The only part I liked about this comic was the last two pages because it furthered the story.  Don’t tell me that Cyborg getting an upgrade furthers the plot because we have seen the same plot device used in a different story. 

Selina Kyle and Tallia Al Gul fight for the life of Selina’s friend in Batman #35.  This comic is amazing.  While there is a huge fight scene, the plot focuses around the conversation between the two women.  The dialogue in this issue is so well written that the other issues in this series pale in comparison.  There is also a scene with Damion Wayne that shows some great character growth.

Nightwing and Blockbuster have to survive the attacks from the monsters that Raptor unleashed in Nightwing #33.  Good news is that we don’t have any of those horrible drama scenes in this issue.  The bad news is this story feels like it should have been told in half the amount of pages it took.  While I am a fan of the author currently writing Nightwing, I can’t wait for the new author to come.

Batwoman must survive the Scarecrow’s illusions in Batwoman #9.  Continue on to the next paragraph if you don’t want spoilers.  This issue sets up a new character called Colony Prime, a one-dimensional character that is killed off in the same issue.  With how much set-up they gave this character, why did they kill him off?  I’m just hoping that the character being killed off was part of the illusion that Scarecrow made. 

Robin and Super Boy get their own secret base in Super Sons #10.  There is not much action in this issue, just a lot of people living their daily life.  I like it when a comic book shows the daily life of a hero.  This whole series is not supposed to be a big action adventure.  It is about two young men who can’t stand each other and in the next issue Robin has to go to public school.

Tim Drake reunites with his girlfriend Stephanie Brown in Detective Comics #969.  There is one scene in this comic I thought could have been written a lot better due to the fact that Stephanie Brown never questions Tim as to why he has returned.  As far as Stephanie knows Tim had been vaporized.  Other than this one scene this is a fantastic issue and it hints that Batman’s team could fall apart. 

Terry McGuiness and his brother Matt help old man Bruce Wayne settle back into Wayne Manor in Batman Beyond #14.  After last issue’s disastrous story telling this issue seems like a masterpiece.  I really like how the author is putting a lot of character development into Matt’s character.  My only worry is this character development is all for nothing because a group of fans, myself included, have been waiting for Matt to become Terry’s Robin since the early 2000’s and it hasn’t happened yet. 

Batgirl and Nightwing have their final battle against the Red Queen in Batgirl #17.  For once a Batgirl final chapter that is pretty good.  There not really much to complain about here if anything I should be complaining about how long it has taken to get a good ending to a Batgirl story.  With that being said I can’t talk about any plot details since it is a final chapter of a story but I can say it is good.

Good bye 60 weeks in Gotham.  I hope coming to this blog gave you a different perspective than the average critic.   And that is a “30”.