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 This week is the start of my winter hibernation, cabin fever will set in.  We have four books today.  They are Batman, the Devastator #1, Justice League #32, Batman #34, and Nightwing #32. 

When Superman goes evil in another dimension, that is when Batman uses the Doomsday Virus on himself in Batman, the Devastator #1.  The sixth Dark Night origin story is an average comic with nothing really that stands out about it.  While the comic was just average, I am very happy that the author brought up the Doomsday Virus again.  This shows that DC is not forgetting that the new 52 happened.  I just wish there was more thought put into this origin story.

Members of the Justice League face off against their Dark Nights counterpart in Justice League #32.  This is a continuation of last week’s Flash comic.  While last week’s issue was a good story, this week is nothing but a 20 page fight scene.  The most interesting part of this story was the few pages with Cyborg.  Other than that, this comic felt a lot like filler.

Batman and Catwoman fight against Talia’al Gul’s forces in Batman #34.  Having to wait until the second half of this issue to find out why they are in the middle of a desert was very frustrating.  This is the second issue that they are in the desert and the last issue barely had any answers.  I wish that the author had made Batman’s purpose  from the get-go so that I did not feel that I was walking in the dark. 

Raptor and Nightwing have a conversation over a game of poker in Nightwing #32.  This conversation consisted of poking jabs at each other with the intent of intimidating each other.  This issue is one of my favourite chapters in this series so far.  The conversation was very well written and never became too outlandish.