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I have had a great week so far.  And yet I’m still going to bug the internet with this annoying blog.  You’re welcome.  We have five books this week.  They are Batman the Merciless #1, The Flash #33, Detective Comics #967, Batman Beyond #13, and Batgirl #16. 

In a world where Wonder Woman dies in Batman’s arms Batman becomes the new God of War in Batman the Merciless #1.  This comic is set in the Justice League animated universe in a time line that went incredibly dark.  For those who remember the Justice League animated series in the early 2000’s, you know that Batman and Wonder Woman had a romantic relationship.  This comic shows what Batman would do if he lost Wonder Woman.  I really like the subtle homage to that cartoon because it is one of the cartoons that I grew up with.

While Superman is searching for Batman the Flash has to take up the leadership of the Justice League in The Flash #33.  Like Gotham Resistance, The Flash #33 starts a crossover set in the Dark Night’s Metal story line.  I love seeing the Flash in a leadership role.  I think it is about time that DC allowed the Flash to grow in this way.  I can’t wait for the other three parts of this story.  The only thing that I am concerned about is that this story line may just be one giant battle and no real impact on the Dark Night’s Metal story.

Tim Drake returns to Gotham only to bring an unwelcome guest in Detective Comics #967.  We have been waiting a year for Tim Drake to reunite with the Bat Family.  While this issue is a great read, there is one part of this story that irks me.  The character of Mr. Oz was a vital component to Tim Drake’s disappearance and besides a small appearance in the first chapter of this story line, Mr. Oz is completely absent.  I understand Mr. Oz had been the main bad guy in the current Action Comics story line but I would have hoped that he would play a slightly bigger role in this story. 

Batman Beyond #13 tries to tell three stories at once.  This is the point where I want to strangle the author like Homer Simpson does to Bart.  The story is good.  The way it’s told is more confusing than entering a movie half way through.  Here we have three sets of panels and three separate stories per page!  How does anyone think this is a good idea? 

Batgirl and Nightwing continue their search for the villain, the Red Queen, in Batgirl #16.  We move from a confusing story to an average story.  There is nothing that stands out and I just want this story line to end so that we have a chance to get a better story.