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Finally after two weeks I have the correct comic in the blog.  For the last two weeks I have been telling you guys that Batman the Drowned was next week.  Well it is finally next week and here we are.  With Batman the Drowned we have four other books.  They are Batman #33, Nightwing #31, Batwoman #8, and Super Sons #9. 

Earth 11 is a parallel universe where genders are swapped and men are women and women are men.  Batman the Drowned explores the concept of a female Batman who is lost her true love to the Alantians.  This is the craziest issue of the Dark Nights saga so far.  The Batman the Drowned is supposed to be a fusion of Batman and Aquaman.  This comic handles the origin really well and I think it is one of the best of the one shot in this saga.

Batman and Catwoman head to the desert in the search of something in Batman #33.  This is one of those stories where you don’t have a clue as to what’s going on until the very last page and then it all makes sense.  If you have trouble reading this because you don’t know what is going I beg you to keep reading until the very end.  It is well worth it.  There is no easy way to write a story like this without shutting some readers away but Batman #33 does a pretty good job of it.

Nightwing is under attack and his new girlfriend dumps him already in Nightwing #31.  Mr. Tim Seeley , could you please stop using drama scenes that belong in a teen soap opera?  The action scenes in this comic were great as usual.  My only issue was when Nightwing was being dumped by his new girlfriend it was so corny I could have cried. 

Batwoman has to fight against her nightmares in a cell in Batwoman #8.  This is a good comic however the best parts of this comic would be spoilers so I can’t talk about them.  What I can say is readers of this comic are in for a trip.  The nightmares feel like nightmares which in a comic is hard to accomplish because most of the time just feel weird for the sake of being weird. 

Robin and Super Boy have their last stand on the Planet of the Capes in Super Sons #9.   The only problem for this story is the bad guy is so forgettable I don’t even remember the dude’s name.  Other than that it is a perfectly good story.  I can’t wait for the start of the next story.