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Another week, another evil Batman as we continue the Dark Night: Metal One-Shots with Batman, the Dawnbreaker #1.  The other four books we have are Green Arrow #32, Batman #32, All*Star Batman #14, and Nightwing #30. 

What happens when Bruce Wayne gets a Green Lantern ring right after his parents die?  The answer to this question is in Batman, the Dawnbreaker #1.  I’m so glad that the author did not use the same formula as the other two One-Shots did.  I enjoyed reading this book and it introduced a concept to the Green Lantern lore that I really would like to see explored.  The Green Lantern rings are given to people with the ability to show will-power at the darkest moments in their life.  This comic asks if there is any point where too much will-power is a bad thing.  I hope one day the Green Lantern comics can touch on this because this One-Shot is just the tip of the iceberg.

Oliver Queen and the rest of the Gotham Resistance fights against the Batman who laughs in Green Arrow #32.  While this is a final chapter to a story line you are not going to get a conclusion.  This story was meant to fill the gap between Dark Nights: Metal #2 and Dark Nights: Metal #3.  With that being said, the final chapter of this story was excellent.  I think it is the best written chapter of the four-part story.  Next week we’ll be looking at Batman: the Drowned #1 as we continue our journey through the Dark Nights: Metal story line. 

Bruce Wayne confesses to Selina Kyle about the worst thing he has ever done in Batman #32.  This is the final chapter of the war of jokes and riddles story line.  For a mediocre story line the ending was fantastic.  I honestly thought that this story I would forget as soon as I moved on to the next Batman story but the ending was so well written that it genuinely shocked me. 

In the final issue of All*Star Batman (#14), Batman has to defeat the Monster, Alfred’s former boss created.  This whole issue is like a final battle in a James Bond movie.  This series had its high points and its low points but I think I can safely say it ended on the highest point.  To be honest, if you are going to read this series, get the trade paper backs which means they are collections of the story in one book.

Nightwing’s former mentor, Raptor, goes on a revenge spree in Bloodhaven in Nightwing #30.  Unlike the first four books I reviewed this week, I don’t know where I stand on this one.  The issue feels like there is so0mething off.  I am not a hundred percent what but I hope that the next issue will clear some things up.