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This is week 2 of the tie-ins to Dark Night Metal.  This week we have five books.  We have Batman: The Murder Machine #1, Suicide Squad #26, Detective Comics #965, Batman Beyond #12, and Batgirl #15.  Let’s get started.

Batman of Earth (insert #) tricks Cyborg into fusing with him in Batman: The Murder Machine #1.  Unlike Batman: The Red Death, Batman: The Murder Machine is confusing to me.  There is a lot of flashback but not really any indicator of when the flashback happens.  The other problem is it is a very similar story to the Red Death story from last week.  I hope the other oneshots get better because I would hate to have seven different books with a similar story.

The Suicide Squad helps Nightwing and Robin in defeating Poison Ivy in Suicide Squad #26.  This comic could have been fantastic.  However, it is just all right.  We have the typical friend trying to save a friend story line that has been done to death and adds nothing new to the formula.  On a positive note, if you liked the Mad Max movies, you are going to love some of the panel because they are taken straight from the Mad Max films in the best way possible.

Tim Drake tried to escape from the clutches of Mr. Oz in Detective Comics #965.  After a year and a bit of Tim Drake being missing, we finally get the start of a resolution for his story.  If you read Action Comics then this is a bit of a tie-in due to the fact that the reveals in this story first happened in that book.  I can’t wait for the next chapter of this story.  I knew Detective Comics was going to be an important comic to the DC Universe but I never imagined that it would fit seamlessly with a story from another comic.

In Batman Beyond #12 we meet Batwoman Beyond for the first time.  I would love to say that this is a great comic but I can’t.  We are introduced to a brand new character and it just feels completely unnatural.  I enjoy the Beyond universe and to have this character be introduced in such a lame way is such a disappointment. 

Batgirl and Nightwing continue to fight an enemy from the past in Batgirl #15.  Yet another issue where I don’t care about the story.  The previous book was very interesting and then they made this boring story.  I don’t know if this supposed to be filler or a real attempt at a good story.  Let’s hope that the next issue is better.