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Today we are starting the Dark Night Medal One Shot.  This week we will begin with Batman: The Red Death.  After that we have the usual stuff to look at, such as, Batman #31, Nightwing #29, Batwoman #7, and Super Sons #8.

When Batman of Earth 50 goes insane and tries to steal the Flash’s power, you get Batman: The Red Death.  Unfortunately I don’t know much about Earth 50 other than what is said in this comic.  With that being said, this is a great and twisted origins story for a different kind of super villain.  I just hope that the other one-shots don’t follow the same formula otherwise it will get boring very quickly. 

Batman and the Riddle team up to stop the Joker in Batman #31.  This comic is twice as long as it needed to be.  While there was not much filler in this comic, the scenes tend to drag on more than they should but when you finally get to a new scene it is very exciting for the first half of the scene.  What I mean to say is that every scene needed to be shorter. 

Nightwing leads a group to take back Gotham in Nightwing #29.  This is the second part of the Gotham Resistance story that started in last week’s Teen Titans.  I love this second chapter because the book isn’t afraid to do some crazy stuff.  When I say crazy, I mean fighting ice-demons with swords style crazy.  My only complaint is the inclusion of Mr. Freeze felt more like an after-thought than part of the story.  The next chapter in this story is going to be an issue of the series Suicide Squad.

Batwoman is stranded in the desert hunting for clues in Batwoman #7.  If you are looking for a Scarecrow story you may want to be aware that this issues only introduces the Scarecrow on the final page even though the cover picture would imply that the main villain is the Scarecrow. 

Robin and Super Boy are trapped on another planet with no way to get home in Super Sons #8.  This duo’s crazy adventures continue in another great issue of this series.  I can’t complain about much at all.  We had a lot of character growth for both Robin and Super Boy.  I am always excited when the new Super Sons comic comes out and I hope that never changes.