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Welcome to another week where my share my useless opinions with you.  We have five books today because one book is a tie-in to another.  We have Dark Night’s Metal #2, Teen Titans #12, Detective Comics #964, Batgirl and the Birds of Prey #14, and Red Hood and the Outlaws #14.

Batman tries everything in his power to stop being the conduit to the Dark Multiverse in Dark Night’s Metal #2.  This is an amazing second chapter to the Dark Night’s Metal series.  It clears everything up from the previous issue and the two prologue issues.  It is hard for me to pick out any faults in this story because I like it so much.  I plan to cover every part of the Dark Night’s Metal saga, even the tie-ins which brings me to my next book.

The Teen Titans have to protect Gotham City from the apocalypse in Teen Titans #12.  Like I said in the last paragraph, this is a tie-in to Dark Night’s Metal.  Is it as good as the main story?  So far it is.  My favourite part of this issue is when Robin has to fight a mechanical Minotar controlled by the Riddler.  This is the first chapter of the storyline Gotham Resistance.  I believe the next chapter will be in the next Nightwing comic but I am not sure.

Clayface and Spoiler realize their lives are going to change in Detective Comics #964.  This is the case of where they added the Clayface story to pad out the Spoiler story.  The Clayface story is nothing that we haven’t seen before.  Even though this is written by my favourite author in comic books, I have to be fair, this issue could have been written much better. 

Black Canary and Huntress volunteer at an historical site in Batgirl and the Birds of Prey #14.  While this issue is completely filler, it’s a fun issue to read.  I did not find this issue to frustrate me like most filler issues do.  I don’t think, however, that anything in this issue will be brought up again anytime soon.

Bizarro’s intellect goes from negative 12 to positive 200 in Red Hood and the Outlaws #14.  This is a continuation from the last issue in which we find out the aftermath of Bizarro’s surgery.  I enjoyed this issue a lot.  It brought comedy to spots where I never thought you could put comedy.  It also balanced the comedy with serious drama very well.  I can’t wait for issue #15.