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Good news everyone.  I started playing in my first ever D&D campaign.  But no one cares about that.  You came here for my opinion.  Today we are only looking at two books, Batman #30 and Nightwing #28. 

In Batman #30 we have the second half of the Origin of Kite Man.  I’m amazed that this is a story.  What I mean by that is, who cares about Kite Man and this issue does nothing to make you care about Kite Man.  I don’t know if this story is setting something up or the writer is just trying to trick us into buying his crap.  To be fair, the story does an excellent job of making the reader feel like Kite Man is the most pathetic human being in the DC Universe and that is saying something.  In this Universe we have a villain called the Condiment King.

Nightwing has to deal with a ghost from the past in Nightwing #28.  Before I comment on the action part of the storyline, I have a message to the author, Tim Seeley.  Tim, I love your writing, could you stop making the drama in Nightwing something you can see every bloody day on MTV.  You’re a great action writer but when it comes to drama you use the same three scenes over and over again.  The rest of the story in Nightwing #28 is perfect.  I couldn’t wait to turn the page and then the issue ends with one of Tim’s three drama scenes.