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LATE (meant to be posted on 11/08/17)

Next week there will be no Blog.  It’s not because there ain’t any books, it’s because I am going away on holidays.  We have four books to look at this week.  They are Detective Comics #962, Batgirl and the Birds of Prey #13, Red Hood and the Outlaws #13,  and Gotham Academy Second Semester #12.

Can the Bat Family save Jean Paul’s sanity in Detective Comics #962?  This is a conclusion to a story arc so I can’t say many plot points.  What I will say is we get to see Nightfall Batman return just for this issue.  For those who don’t know who Nightfall Batman is, it is Jean Paul when he took up the mantle of Batman when Bruce Wayne was paralyzed.  I’m glad we got to see this costume again because it is one of my favourite designs of the Bat suits ever.  It also helps that they did not repeat the same story line from the nineties.

The Birds of Prey gain two new members in Batgirl and the Birds of Prey #13.  I enjoyed this issue very much however I have to say it was a bit predictable.  There was no point in this story where I was surprised.   I am really excited to find out where the Birds of Prey go next.

Can Lex Luther save the life of Bizzaro, the question is answered in Red Hood and the Outlaws #13.  My favourite part of this comic is the recap of Bizzaro’s life as told by Bizzaro himself.  It is a hilarious intro into a serious chapter.  I think this is my favourite issue in this series so far.  My only problem with this book is it feels like the ending is too revealing.  I think the big reveal should have been left for the next chapter.

Can Olivia be saved from her mother’s past in Gotham Academy Second Semester #12, the final issue?  Unlike most of this series this last issue was fantastic.  Maybe part of the reason is it is finally over.  Like the last Gotham Academy series it took the last half of the series for the book to be any good.  If they do a third series in the Gotham Academy line could we please have consistency?  There is a good side to this story.  At least it is not as bad as the Black Canary series from 2015 otherwise I would have been admitted to a mental hospital.