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I can’t believe it is already August!  This week we have only two books to look at.  They are Batman #28 and Nightwing #26.  Without dragging this intro longer than it should, let’s get started.

The first casualties of the Riddler and the Joker’s war are detailed in Batman #28.  As much as I like the premise of this story, the way the writers dealt with it was completely amateurish.  The thing is that we don’t know anyone who died.  There is no one named on the death toll which makes it hard to feel sorry for the victims if you can’t relate to the deceased.  I mean it is hard when it seems these people were just made up to die off-panel. 

To cheer Nightwing up, the Huntress invites him to go on a mission with her in Nightwing #26.  This is a very interesting story, however I hope that it doesn’t direct the series down a route that we have seen before.  This is the first chapter of a story that is meant to tie up loose ends from the Grayson series.  What my biggest fear about this story is that it will get over complicated like Grayson did and I really don’t want that.