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This week we have only four books to talk about and nothing else.  The four books we are looking at today are Detective Comics #961, All*Batman #12, Batman Beyond #10, and Batgirl #13.  Let’s get this thing done.

The Bat Family fight for their survival in Batman Detective Comics #961.  Unlike the other part of this story, there was really nothing memorable about this chapter.  By the time I finished reading all of my comics I had actually forgotten that I had read this issue.  I don’t know what went wrong here.  It had the potential to be a good issue however I barely remember a thing about it.

Batman and Alfred must survive Alfred’s former teacher’s attack in All*Batman #12.  This my favourite issue of All*Batman so far.  We learn more about Alfred’s past as a Black Ops operative.  There is one scene where Alfred has to talk some sense into Batman and it is written wonderfully well.  I hope the last two issues of this series is written as well as this.

Can Terry McGuinness control his anger while Bruce talks to Damion in Batman Beyond #10.  This issue is more or less just one long fight scene.  There is some good character interaction but very little character development.  I think this is a filler issue because the story could have been told in five to ten pages instead of twenty. 

Batgirl and Catwoman team up to save a pair of pets in Batgirl #13.  This is not a serious story.  It is meant for just a light-hearted bit of fun.  There is nothing much to complain about for this story because it is very well written.