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Today for the first time we are reviewing an out-of-continuity Batman comic or at least I hope it is out-of-continuity.  For today only we are reviewing Batman/Elmer Fudd #1.  The other three books we are looking at are Detective Comics #959, Batman Beyond #9, and Batgirl #12.  You may want to get some aspirin because it is going to get weird.

Elmer Fudd has to kill Bruce Wayne for his revenge in Batman/Elmer Fudd#1.  Seriously DC comics how much drugs were you on to green light this?  This comic feels weird to read.  I don’t know whether to laugh or be disturbed.  To the book’s credit, Elmer Fudd talks and acts like Elmer Fudd should.  Other than that, this book is just plain weird.

To fight the enemy Batman acquires help from his old friend, Zatanna, in Detective Comics #959.  What I like about this comic is you learn a bit about how Batman knows about the mystical world via flashbacks.  However, the part that took me out of the story was the amount of talking.  There is enough character development here for two issues.  I like character development but there is such a thing as too much.

Terry McGuiness has to fight Damion, the son of Bruce Wayne, in Batman Beyond #9.  This is just one long fight scene with a bit of history about what happened to Damion between the current DC Universe and this future that we see in this comic.  I’m surprised that this book took a route like this because the other issues mostly have a different type of storytelling.

Batgirl has to fight in a pool in Batgirl #12.  My apologies for that intro as I really do not like this issue.  This issue is filler and that is all it is.  You can’t say that it’s so that the artist can draw Batgirl in a sexy bathing suit because her bathing suit is a one-piece suit that you could see on a pool employee.  Why this issue was even written baffles my mind.