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Welcome to the 100th posting of this week’s Gotham blog!  If only we could get a comic series to issue 100 without being rebooted, that would be great.  It would feel like the ‘good old days’.  For this 100th blog we have five comics.  They are Batman #25, All*Batman #11, Nightwing #23, Batwoman #4, and Super Sons #5.

Before we get into the reviews themselves, I would like to thank the few of you who follow this blog.  I would like to thank my Grandmother who types this blog for me since I can’t type that well.  And lastly, I would like to thank DC comics for finally realizing how to tell a decent story again.  With that said I liked The New 52 but the worst comic I had to review came from that era which was the Black Canary Comic.  Let’s hope DC doesn’t allow another book to go that terrible.  And now we return to out regularly scheduled review.

Batman narrates his greatest failure in Batman #25.  I love this issue because while it is a set-up issue for the next 7 issues, it reintroduces the Joker and the Riddler in such a way that it feels fresh.  That being said I don’t know how well this story will be handled being spread out over 8 issues.  The reason for me saying this is there is a ton information given in the very first issue and don’t know how much information there could be left.

Alfred’s past comes back to haunt him and Batman in All*Batman #11.  We learn a lot about Alfred’s military career and I enjoy having this part of Alfred’s history in more detail.  When the author first introduced Alfred’s military career back in Batman Eternal it was just glossed over.  There is a small hope inside of me that we get a mini-series about Alfred’s past.  I hope they are working towards this.

Nightwing has a job offer from a villain in Nightwing #23.  While the cover of the comic makes it look like an action story, the story itself is more of a drama.  I don’t mind having a more dramatic issue once in a while.  The only problem I have with this comic is that Nightwing was too trusting of the bad guy.  I’m very interested as to where this story is heading. 

Batwoman has to deal with her ex-girlfriend in a violent way in Batwoman #4.  This was the ending of the first story arc in the Batwoman comic.  While I liked the ideas the comic had, I thought it was a pretty mediocre ending. 

Robin and Superboy try to settle their differences in the Bat Cave in Supersons #5.  This is also the ending of the first story arc of the Supersons comic.  Unlike Batwoman #4 I enjoyed this ending a lot more and I felt the need to be excited for the next issue.  I hope that we don’t revisit story elements that we already have seen in this story arc.  I loved this series and I hope they treat this with the respect it deserves.