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This is the last blog of DC Rebirth Year 1.  There will be comics next week but none of them I write about on this site so there will not be a blog next week.  We only three books to review which are:  Detective Comics #957, Batman Beyond #8, and Batgirl #11.

The Spoiler does everything in her power to ruin Batman’s image in Detective Comics #957.  I’m not really sure if this meant to be a single issue story or a prologue to the next story arc.  It wasn’t that clear to me.  The story itself had some fantastic character development for Spoiler and I am really interested as to the author’s plans for this character.  On the flip side, the bad guy in this story was so forgettable that I can’t even remember his name.  If this is a prologue to another story arc and it has the same bad guy, it’s going to feel awkward.

Terry McGuiness has to fight his own combat suit in Batman Beyond #8.  This is another well written issue in this series, however, there was a lot of missed opportunities with his suit malfunctioning that the author could have written about.  I did not feel like Terry was in danger at any point and I also felt like that Bruce was over-reacting.  I know this is not the point that the author was trying to make but it really was hard for me to feel the way the author wanted me to feel. 

Batgirl learns that the Penguin is a really terrible Father in Batgirl #11.  This is the final chapter of the Son of Penguin story line and I’ve got to say it is one of my favourite Batgirl story lines in a long time.  This story is a decent allegory for an abusive relationship.  I can’t say if this story is a good representation of domestic violence because it looks different in every case.