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Yet another weird week for the blog.  We have another Flash comic to review as The Button story line ends.  The five books we are talking about this week are The Flash #22, Batman #23, Nightwing #21, Batwoman #3, and Super Sons #4.

Batman and the Flash try to save two lives with little success in the Flash #22.  If you are expecting some sort of answers for the question the story asks, you’re not going to get them.  This ending of The Button story line was the lowest the part of this four issue story.  The main problem is that it’s a set up for a story line called Superman: Doomsday Clock and for that we will have to wait until frigging November.

Batman and Swamp Thing team up to solve the murder of Swamp Thing’s father in Batman #23.  I don’t know important this story is to the overall Batman narrative due to the fact that it is a single issue story line.  As for the story itself, it’s a well written story however the way that it ends you can’t help but hate Swamp Thing.  I don’t know if this was the author’s intention or if there was a hidden meaning behind the story.

Dick Grayson and the original Wally West have a guy’s night out in Nightwing #21.  Never thought I had to address this on my blog!  There are two characters with the same name as Wally West.  I’m not going into more details because it will get confusing as I don’t have ten pages to talk about this.  Nightwing #21 is a fun issue.  This story takes a break from the serious and dark tone that the Nightwing comic has been going for and just shows two best friends and what they will do for each other.  Like Batman #23, it’s a one issue story that I very enjoyed and highly recommend it to anyone who is a Nightwing fan.

Batwoman tries to go undercover but her crazy ex-girlfriend ruins it in Batwoman #3.  Unlike the previous issues, this issue is more of a ‘meh’ than anything else.  The biggest problem I have is the fact that it feels like a single scene stretched out to fit a whole comic. 

Lastly, Robin and Super Boy have to face off against Kid Amazo in Super Sons #4.  This series keeps getting funnier and funnier and we are just in the fourth issue.  When you get to the end of this comic and you are not laughing you have no soul.  I can’t wait for the next issue and it takes a really good comedy comic to get me to that point.