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It’s another weird week for this blog.  We have a Supergirl comic to review.  In total we have six books to review.  They are Supergirl #9, Detective Comics #956, All*Batman #10, Red Hood and the Outlaws #10, Batgirl and the Birds of Prey #10, and Gotham Academy Second Semester #9. 

Supergirl and Batgirl team up to escape the Phantom Zone in Supergirl #9.  I have never reviewed a Supergirl comic on this site before so this is new.  I enjoyed this series but not as much as the new 52 Supergirl series.  This issue finally makes this series worth reading in my opinion.  I’m interested if this will affect the Batgirl comic at all or if it will just be contained to the Supergirl comic.

Batman and Cassandra Caine make their final stand against the League of Shadows in Detective Comics #956.  This is the last chapter of the League of Shadows story line.  I am unable to talk about much.  I can say that the ending to this story felt very rewarding for Cassandra Caine’s character.  If you enjoy this story line I think you are going to find the ending to be very satisfying. 

Batman is in a race to capture Hush only to find a message from the past in All*Batman #10.  While Hush is in this story he is not the focus of this story line.  In fact I am a bit confused as to why they even put Hush into this comic at all.  If you took the Hush element out of this story it would have not made much of a difference.

Each of the outlaws faces their own problems in Red Hood and the Outlaws #10.  There are three different story lines going on in this issue.  Each story line focuses on one aspect of each of the three main character’s life.  The major problem I had with this issue is we see the Red Hood reliving a certain moment of his life that we have seen countless times before.  The thing is we just visited that event ten issues ago.

Batgirl and Huntress have to save Black Canary from the hands of Blackbird in Batgirl and the Birds of Prey #10.  This issue feels like a rushed ending to the Blackbird story line.  I would have loved to see this issue split into two parts.  I felt that there was a lot of unanswered questions that would have been best answered in this story line.

Olivia has a spirit of vengeance inside of her in Gotham Academy Second Semester #9.  This series went from a teenage trauma to a creepy supernatural revenge story.  Now this series has always had a supernatural element but never this intense.  I just hope that this story line will not be written as badly as Paranormal Activity.