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 This is the last month of DC Universe Rebirth year one.  This means we are half way through DC’s two year plan.  To start off this month we have only two books to review.  Batman #22 and Nightwing #20. 

Batman and the Flash return to the Flashpoint Universe where they meet up with the Batman of that time line in Batman #22.  For those who don’t know the Batman in the Flashpoint time line is Bruce Wayne’s father.  For more information read the story line Flashpoint.  As for the story itself the whole issue is a conversation where Bruce Wayne shows his vulnerability at the sight of his father who is dead in the main time line.  This shows a completely new side of Batman which we have never seen and I very much enjoyed how human the writer made Batman.

Nightwing has to battle hallucinations to save Robin in Nightwing #20.  As this is the end of a story line I am not going to talk a lot about the plot.  The last chapter of Nightwing Must Die ends in a way that you feel satisfied with only some of the plots being ended in a well written way.  The problem is not everything is ended in a well written manner.  I hope in the next story line we can feel more closure with this story.