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What sorcery is this?  We have a Flash comic to be reviewed on a Batman Blog.  Truth be told, I am glad that another superhero that doesn’t usually cross over with Batman has done just that.  With The Flash #21 we also have Detective Comics #955, Batman Beyond #7, and Batgirl #10 to review.  Let’s get the show on the road.

After finding his friend beaten up and his arch enemy disintegrated, the Flash continues the investigation of the button in The Flash #21.  All the great parts of this issue I can’t talk about because they would be spoilers.  But what I can say is that the writer of The Flash has melded his writing style with the writing style of Tom King so perfectly that it seems natural.  That is a hard feat to accomplish.

When the rest of the Bat Family is captured it is up to Cassandra Cane to beat her mother in Detective Comics #955.  This feels a bit like a copy of the previous issue which is surprising to me because this the first time this series has done something like this since its revival last June.  Plain and simply most of this book is nothing more than filler and filler issues are rarely good. 

Can Terry McGuiness get to the Gotham police department before the League of Assassins kill everyone in Batman Beyond #7?  Up to now the Batman Beyond comics have been really good.  This is the first issue where it is just OK.  The story could have been told in half the issue instead of the whole book.  I’m not turned off of this series but I am hoping this is just a hic-up in the road.

Being the son of the Penguin can’t be good for any child.  The Penguin’s son deals with his Dad by stalking his girlfriend Batgirl in Batgirl #10.  This is an interesting concept.  Batgirl does not want to be with the Penguin’s son anymore but is still with him to investigate him.  This story line has delved into exploring abusive relationship but has not gone far enough to really convey a message.  I hope by the end of this story line whether it is the next issue or the story after, there is a message.  When an author   writes a story about abuse in any form the author need to leave the reader with a message about your thoughts on the topic.