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 This week starts the four part Batman crossover with the Flash.  Next week we will take a look at our first Flash comic on this site.  We have five books to look at this week and they are:  Batman #21, All*Star Batman #9, Nightwing #19, Batwoman #2, and Super Sons #3.

The greatest mystery in the DC Universe picked up with Batman to figure out the meaning of the smiley face button in Batman #21.  If you were a fan of the Flash Point storyline, you are going to love this comic.  The interesting thing about this issue is that most of it takes place over a single minute.  You would think that a minute would not be a lot of time but there is a lot of character development and some amazing moments.

Batman and Ra’s Al Gul battle it out in Washington, DC in All*Star Batman #9.  This book is still confusing.  I barely know what is going on, maybe it is just me not paying as much attention as I need to but there is something that is charming about the book.  My advice is wait until the whole series is out in graphic novel form and just binge read because you just real need to not take breaks between chapters to understand the whole story. 

Nightwing convinces his girlfriend to help him rescue Damion in Nightwing #19.  So I have mixed feelings about this issue.  On one hand it is a fantastically written story with showing the darker side of Nightwing, on the other hand why is Nightwing’s girlfriend helping fight when she could be pregnant. 

Batwoman continues her journey into her past in Batwoman #2.  This issue has a bit of everything, former girlfriends, action, and mystery.  I really like the character development in this story.  My worries were about how they would bring Batwoman’s sexuality into the story.  This issue reintroduced it in a very natural way. 

Robin and Superboy  face off against Kid Amazo in Super Sons #3.  I am so glad that DC is not entirely forgetting the New 52.  This story is a continuation of a storyline from Justice League #35 to #39.  I just have a lot of fun reading this series.  I can’t wait for the next issue and that is what a comic book should make you feel.