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I was going to put out a movie review but this site doesn’t have the budget for it.  So you are stuck with comics.  This week we have three books, Batgirl Annual #1, Batman #20 and Nightwing #18.

Batgirl and Supergirl have to team up for the first time to free someone from the Phantom Zone in Batgirl Annual #1.  I have been asking for this team-up for almost three years.  The story is well written.  I can’t decide if this comic was part of a natural story telling process or an attempt to get people to buy the Supergirl comic.  The reason why I say this is due to the fact that this story will continue solely in the Supergirl comic. 

Batman has to fend off Bane for one more night in Batman #20.  The good thing about this issue and this story as a whole is that we get some great character development for Bruce Wayne.  However, this story is supposed to take place over the course of five nights and I have to say it’s just not possible, unless seventy percent of the story takes place on the last night.  I highly recommend reading the story “I Am Bane”.  I just think you should ignore most of the time placement.

Nightwing and Robin have to save Nightwing’s girlfriend from Professor Pyg in Nightwing #18.  This comic could have been a lot darker.  If you like disturbing imagery in your comics, this is the comic for you.