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This week is all about assassins and crime lords.  The three books we are looking at today are Detective Comics #953, Batman Beyond #6, and Batgirl #9. 

Cassandra Cain is out for revenge while half the Bat team have been kidnapped in Detective Comics #953. A lot happens in this issue that makes it difficult to keep track of what is going on.  None of these sub-stories are bad, it is just too much at once.  That being said there is one scene in the beginning with Commissioner Gordon that was completely pointless. 

In the far future the League of Assassins is still a pain in the backside for Batman in Batman Beyond #6.  A lot of this comic is set-up and epilogue.  They made this comic to be an epilogue to the previous story arc while also being the first chapter of a new story arc.  Unlike Detective Comics this comic does not feel over cramped.  I just wonder if it is a good idea to have two different League of Assassin’s story lines going on at the same time.

Batgirl uses the opportunity to date her new boyfriend to see what he is secretly up to in Batgirl #9.  The main plot for this story is really well written and there is not to talk about on that side of the comic.  However, there is a sub-plot where Barbara Gordon talks to one of her friends about a personal matter that is greatly written.  The problem is this scene feels out of a place and there is no pay-off to the scene at all.