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The theme of this week is “bad luck”.  We have four books to look at this week and they are Detective Comics #952, Red Hood and Outlaws #8, Batgirl and the Birds of Prey #8, and Gotham Academy Second Semester #7. 

When the League of Shadows leader reveals herself a secret comes out that shocks Cassandra Cain to her core in Detective Comics #952.  This issue was enjoyable however the reveal was obvious from the first page.  I’m not going to say anything about the reveal since I want you to be as surprised as possible.  The one thing I was surprised about is the ending and what the Bat Family has to do next.

Artimus discovers her best friend is still alive in Red Hood and the Outlaws #8.  Artimus is a character that has been in the series since issue 1 but more of a side character and this issue changed the focus on to her.  I’m very glad that Artimus has some good character development but I’m worried that it’s a bit late in the series.  This whole series so far has been primarily focused on the Red Hood.  I don’t know how the majority of readers will react to the change of focus.

Nightwing seeks the help of the Birds of Prey in Batgirl and the Birds of Prey #8.  Unfortunately this is not a crossover with the current Nightwing story line that I really enjoyed.  This doesn’t mean it is a bad issue, it just means I have no clue where in the time line this story takes place.  My favourite thing about this issue is that it does tie up some loose ends that were left over from the series Grayson.

Olivia‘s world is turned upside down after a discovery that changes everything in Gotham Academy Second Semester #7.  After believing that she murdered her friend Tristan she runs away from her friends to learn about her mysterious room-mate.  While this sounds confusing if you read this issue you are not going to be disappointed.  Can’t tell you much other than that.