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This week is all about action.  We only have three books to look at this week.  The books are Detective Comics #951, Batman Beyond #5, and Batgirl #8

A member of the League of Shadows ticks Batman and his team into thinking that there is city-wide terrorist attack in Detective Comics #951.  While I love this author, this issue was forgettable which is unusual for James Tynion IV.  There is an interesting sub-plot however where Batwoman is discussing with Batman how to try to get Orphan a normal life.  The author should have done a lot more focus on the sub-plot on this issue and end with the main plot leading into the next issue.

Terry McGuinnes has to save old man Bruce Wayne from a Joker-obsessed gang leader in Batman Beyond #5.  I enjoyed this issue a lot but I have to say that it feels like the story forgot some plot points from the previous four issues.  Terry’s former girlfriend just learns in the previous issue that Terry is Batman and still alive.  However, in this issue there is no continuation to that sub-plot at all. 

Batgirl is trying to learn about her new boyfriend in Batgirl #8.  This issue had two plots that were interesting however the sub-plot did not further the main plot.  The sub-plot had no connection to the main plot of the story.