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This week we add two new series to the Batman line of books.  The four books we are looking at are Batman #17, Nightwing #15, Batwoman Rebirth #1, and Super Sons #1.

Bane starts kidnapping Batman’s allies in Batman #17.  Finally we have a Bane story that uses his intelligence.  I have been reading comics for five years now and up until now all the stories that had Bane in them were written very similarly.  I am glad that this issue changed the way Bane was being portrayed because he is meant to be a strong person with the intelligence of Batman.  Up until now you saw hints of his intelligence but he was mostly used as a brute for the last five years. 

Nightwing is living in paradise with his new girlfriend, Shawn Tsang.  This issue serves as an epilogue for the Bludhaven story line.  Nightwings girlfriend is a former super villain that he caught when he was Robin.  This is a well written story with a tragic end and I want to strangle the author for the ending.

We revisit Batwoman’s origin and recap her story into present day in Batwoman Rebirth #1.  While this issue is a great recap for new readers, if the writing style doesn’t change, this book may fail.  I am looking forward to what they foreshadowed in this issue but if it’s not written well there will be no point in what they previewed. 

Damion Wayne and Jonathan Kent get into mischief in Super Sons #1.  The sons of Batman and Superman star in their own comic which is written as an action comedy.  I enjoyed this book a lot due to the fact that it did make me laugh.  Comedy in comic books really needs to be good for me to enjoy it.  If they keep the formula from this issue, then I will look forward to the next issue.