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 We have five books this week and one of them is an anniversary issue.  This week we are looking at Detective Comics #950, All*Star Batman #7, Batgirl and the Birds of Prey #7, Red Hood and Outlaws #7, and Gotham Academy Second Semester #6.

In the anniversary issue of Detective Comics we have unique stories.  Detective Comics #950 sets the stage for the next big story line.  One of my favourite things about this issue was the way they handled the story about Cassandra Cain.  The problem I had with the second story is it makes you question if the Knightfall storyline is still in continuity.  As for the last story it is just one big foreshadowing of events to come.  For the collectors, I’m not sure if this issue will have significant value but I am pretty sure that when Detective Comics reaches its 1,000th issue it will be worth buying.

Batman teams up with Poison Ivy to find a cure for a disease in All*Star Batman #7.  The previous issue felt completely different from the rest of the series but this issue put the story back on track, I feel.  There is one problem however in the series Trinity.  Poison Ivy is the current bad guy in the Trinity comic book with All*Star Batman the writer never established where in the time line this takes place. 

Black Canary and the Huntress go undercover as Home Hunters in Batgirl and the Birds of Prey #7.  This issue I found amusing.  I do not know if this story line will continue or not but if it does continue I hope it is written in the same style as this issue. 

The Red Hood debates with himself whether it is a good idea to kill Bizzarro for the public safety in Red Hood and the Outlaws #7.  I find this issue very interesting because this shows that this series focusing less on the violence and more on the character interaction which is different for the writer.  The last Red Hood series was a comedy of sorts.  It had its serious moments but it overall focused on the comedy.  This series on the other hand is a lot more like a drama and I loved every page of it.

Olivia and her gang find what they need to protect their friend however they have to go through the preteen super villain, The Symbol in Gotham Academy Second Semester #6.  This issue could have been a great story had it not been for the introduction of The Symbol.  This character adds nothing to the story line.  I feel like this story would have been over if they didn’t add that unnecessary character.