This is a small week for Batman Comics.  All we have is Batman #15 and Nightwing #13.  In other news we have twenty blogs posts to go until the one hundredth this week in Gotham post.  On the one hundredth post I will review any comics that week and discuss my favourite story from the last one hundredth weeks.

Batman learns that someone set up Catwoman in Batman #15. Before we get into the issue itself, I want to comment that on the DC website the character Swamp Thing would appear in this issue.  He was nowhere to be found.  The story of the issue was well written.  In my opinion I believe DC is setting up Catwoman for a heroic sacrifice but I don’t want them to kill off Catwoman.

As he goes deeper into the rabbit-hole of Bludhaven , Nightwing has to save the mayor in Nightwing #13.  While I enjoyed this story line, this issue was weak.  The previous three issues were so good that this issue pales in comparison.  Part of this is I believe that the writer wrote himself into a bit of a corner. This is not a bad comic, it just didn’t carry the same level of excitement that the last three issues had.