It’s the New Year and I got a new edition to the blog.  Now every blog post will be able translated to Cow.  I don’t know why I thought that was a good idea but if you speak Cow you’re strange.  This week the two comics we are going to look at are Batman #14 and Nightwing #12. 

Catwoman does not want to be alone in Batman #14.  After the events of Batman #13, Catwoman is worried that she will go back to death row.  Batman doesn’t want that to happen.  This issue sets up the romantic connection between Batman and Catwoman again after not touching on it for years.  What I like is it’s a romantic story for people who don’t like to read romance novels. 

Nightwing teams up with former super villains to find out what is going on in the City of Bludhaven in Nightwing #12.  This issue was amazing and I feel like I am reading a conspiracy novel.  The problem I have is I know nothing about the bad guy in this issue which is the super villain Orca.  I wish the author would give a recap of who Orca is.