This Sunday is Christmas.  For the readers of this blog, you get nothing, nada, zilch. Okay I lied.  You get two reviews of comics.  This week we are looking at Batman #13 and Nighwing #11.

Batman and his team of convicts enact their plan to take down Bane in Batman #13.  Since this is the end of a story I am not going to say much however I am going to say I wish there was more dialogue in this story as I don’t remember what the plan Batman had in the beginning of this story arc. 

Nightwing is thrust into the middle of a big conspiracy in Nightwing #11.  In this issue, Nightwing has to figure out why former super villains are being set up for crimes that they have not committed.  The reason I like this issue is because it explores the idea of “what if a super villain really wants to change and the difficulties that come with it”.