This week it is all about setting up for the ending of the current story lines.  This week we have Detective Comics #946, Batgirl and the Birds of Prey #5, Red Hood and the Outlaws #5, and Gotham Academy Second Semester #4.

In the last issue of Detective Comics we learned that Tim Drake may be alive but in issue 946 we learn that it was an AI (Artificial Intelligence).  The problem I had with this issue was they could have done a ton of character development for Stephanie Brown but they chose not to.  They decided to focus primarily on setting up the final battle between Batman and the Victim Syndicate.  I have a feeling that the next comic will put a twist at the ending but I haven’t seen any set up to provide this twist ending.

Batgirl meets her ultimate fan and it is kind of creepy in Batgirl and the Birds of Prey #5.  This chapter highlights the problem of taking fandom too far.  As I read this story I felt totally creeped out.  The emotion that the author wanted you to feel was very obvious and well executed but when the comic switches focus to the main villain of the story we only get two pages and a stereotypical plot twist. 

When you have to fight someone that you want to protect, it is hard.  In Red Hood and the Outlaws #5, the Red Hood has to fight Bizarro while figuring out a way to stop Black Mask.  This comic had so much potential for giving the reader a soft side to the Red Hood and the writer desperately tried but it was overshadowed by the fight scene.  This comic could have easily had the typical “I don’t want to fight you” cliché. 

A magical carnival comes to town in Gotham Academy Second Semester #4.  This one issue story line really did not have any effect on the over-arcing story line of Gotham Academy at all.  There was a scene where they could have done some interesting character development but decided not to carry on with it.  Saying that, I still enjoyed the story for what is was.