This week is the first week of winter for me so I’m stuck indoors plotting my evil schemes but until that scheme comes to realization I am stuck here reviewing comics.  This week the three comics we are reviewing are Batman Annual #1, Batman #12, and Nightwing #10. 

In the first Annual issue of Batman we get the Batman Christmas Special.  This comic has a bunch of short stories that could be the contender for the darkest Christmas Special in comic book history.  Overall the stories don’t have any major consequences to the main Batman comic.  With that being said, I enjoyed my time reading this comic.

Batman writes a letter to Catwoman while we see him fighting Bane’s minions in Batman #12.  This is an interesting issue because the letter Batman writes is almost like an essay.  The whole point of this letter is how he needs to be Batman but doesn’t want to be Batman.  The most interesting part of this letter I found is when he compares being Batman to being suicidal.  I don’t know if there was part of this letter that was deleted before the final cut of the comic.  I would just love to learn the thought process of the author when he wrote this issue. 

Nightwing moves to Bludhaven to investigate the villain, Raptor , in Nightwing #10.  This was a set-up issue, there is no way around it.  I generally liked the story and I am curious as to what happens next.  The main problem with this issue was the artwork.  The colour pallet that they chose to use was way too light for the kind of story that the author wanted to tell.