Betrayal, espionage, and resolution.  These are the things of this week.  We have three books to look at. Detective Comics #945, Batman Beyond #2, and Batgirl #5.

Tensions in the Bat Family reach a breaking point in Detective Comics #945.  This was a good story but you had to wait for the very end for any pay-off.  One major issue I had with this issue is Batman knows what he needs to do to keep his team together but he can’t figure out the right way to do it.  I don’t know if this in Batman’s character or if the author is breaking character to have Batman act a certain way. 

In Batman Beyond #2 we learn about the downfall of the Joker.  Parts of this issue were very good, very well written, however most of this comic was an information dumping ground and most readers hate that.  I enjoyed the information that was given about the Joker’s downfall but it have easily been spread out into two issues.

We finally have an ending to the first Batgirl story line in Batgirl #5.  I’m so glad this story is finally over, however, I did not like the story or the ending.  I felt like the ending was very rushed which is odd because the rest of the story before this I felt dragged on.  I’m going to read the whole story again once it is in a graphic novel to see if it is better when you read all of the chapters at once.