This week we have four books and if I don’t go insane by the end of this review and start spouting nonsense, it will be a miracle.  The four books that we have this week are Superman #10, Catwoman Election Night #1, Batman #10,and Nightwing #8. 

Damion Wayne kidnaps Superman’s son, Jonathon Kent in Superman #10.  You may be wondering why I am reviewing a Superman comic.  The reason I am covering a Superman comic is because this story sets up a series called Super Sons which I will be covering on this blog.  This issue is fantastic at showing the difference between Batman’s son, Damion, and Superman’s son, Jonathon.  I’m hoping that Super Sons will give both characters good development.  I know that Damion Wayne is in the new Teen Titans but I feel that there are too many characters for Damion to get adequate character development. 

Before I get into the review of Catwoman Election Night I want to say that if you don’t want any political talk, skip this paragraph.  Catwoman Election Night consists of two stories.  The first is a well written story about Catwoman’s childhood and how her past is affecting the current mayor election.  It’s a well written story that uses the election as a backdrop and does not beat you over the head with politics.  That being said, the second story is about the character Prez who is in the DC Universe future.  Prez is the first teenage president of the United States.  The problem with this story is it tries to model Prez as Hillary Clinton which being Canadian I don’t mind as much.  My problem is that I don’t think politics should ever be in comics unless it is a brand new original story with new characters and not tied to any current continuity. 

In Batman #10, Batman assaults Bane’s fortress as someone read a letter over Batman‘s actions.  This story is very cryptic and makes me very curious as to what will happen next.  However, there is zero character development of any character and the story leaves you with more questions than answers.  To be honest, if you want to read this chapter, read it when comes in a graphic novel form with the other chapters of this story.

Nightwing has to save Bruce Wayne from his former friend, Raptor, in Nightwing #8.  This is a conclusion to a two part story that began in Nightwing #7 and for a conclusion it was only alright.  Personally I think that there was a lot more could have been done with Raptor’s character but he could always come back.  There was a moment there that I thought there was a great spot for a plot twist but it didn’t happen.