Another week, another step in the descent to madness.  Funny I thought I would be seeing pink elephants by now.  This week we are reviewing Detective Comics #943, Batman Beyond #1, and Batgirl #4. 

Batman and Batwoman go undercover to recruit Batwing in Detective Comics #943.  This issue has a ton of drama in regards to the team grieving over the death of Tim Drake.  The parts where they are using drama to progress the story line are extremely well done.  However, the set-up to the new villains of this story is extremely weak and I hope that in the future issue to put a bit more focus on the over-all plot of this story. 

Grab your favourite heavy metal album and crank the volume up to full blast as Batman Beyond #1 is one of the best Batman Beyond issues ever.  This next chapter in Batman Beyond is mostly just a giant fight scene but it is done so well you can’t help but be amazed.  While the story line was all set up for future issues but it needed these bits of set-up to make the reader understand the story.  The biggest thing I am curious about how is the bad guy going to resurrect the Joker.  On the side note, I don’t even remember this bad guy’s name.

Batgirl #4 is kind of a repeat of Batgirl #3 and I can’t wait for this story to be over.  We learn nothing in this issue.  There is no character development and no story progression.  Why was this issue even written?