This week the two comics we have are the first chapters of two new story arcs.  The two books that we are looking at this week are Batman #9 and Nightwing #7.

Batman is recruiting his own suicide squad to fight the villain, Bane in Batman #9.  This is an amazing first issue of a story.  It leaves you with so many questions that I can’t wait for the next issue.  The downside of this issue is most of the people Batman recruits are B grade villains that no one cares about.

Finding out you have a stalker is a creepy thing.  Finding out the stalker has returned from the grave is even creepier.  Nightwing #7 provides a conspiracy-like thriller story that should be appealing to fans of the Grayson comics.  The only issue I have is the story ties Dick Grayson’s dead parents into the mix which we have seen a ton of times.  I wish that they could have picked another aspect of Dick Grayson’s life that would have been different.