This blog is coming a day late due to the fact that there was a family emergency.  This week we have four good comics which consist of Detective Comics #942, All*Star Batman #3, Red Hood and the Outlaws #3, and Gotham Academy Second Semester #2.

It is the final chapter of Night of the Monster Men in Detective Comics #942.  I have to admit that I was kind of disappointed with this ending up to the last third of this comic I was really engaged.  If you enjoy psychology this is great story about someone trying to unravel Batman’s mind.  Unfortunately when you get past that part the story becomes anticlimactic and solely focuses on the set-up of the next story arc.

Batman and Two-Face hunt to find a doctor after a losing battle with a mercenary in All*Star Batman #3.  Finally we have an issue of the series it is not all over the place and I finally can understand with the heck is going on.  If you have given up on this series by now, give issue #3 a try and then decide.  What I liked about this issue is it cleared up the question of whether or not Alfred was still on Batman’s side or not.  Another great thing about this issue was the pace of the story was spot on.

The Red Hood has to find a way to break his two new friends out of a criminal fortress in Red Hood and the Outlaws #3.  This issue focuses on a lot of time on the human side of Jason Todd, the Red Hood.  We also have a proper reintroduction of a character from the Superman Universe, Barzaro.  Barzaro is exactly how you remember him and I love the writer for not changing the character.  Barzaro is a very simple character and changing any aspect of him would be a very bad idea.

Olivia and Maps discover a cult-like witches club in Gotham Academy Second Semester #2.  Unlike the previous issue this second issue felt more like the Gotham Academy that I grew to love.  This current issue seems like the start of a new story but the book says it is the second part of a story that started in issue #1.