This week the Night of the Monster Men continues.  We get the next two chapters in the tale in Batman #8 and Nightwing #6.  For these two issues I am going to review them as one single issue due to the fact that Batman #8 is chapter 4 of this story while Nighwing #6 is chapter 5.

Nightwing and Gotham Girl have been turned into monsters as the rest of the Bat Family try to rescue them.  These two issues tell a unique story that we would usually see in a series like Superman or a Godzilla movie.  I’m glad that we finally get some Batman stories that feel very unique.  That being said, the author in an interview claimed that this was trying to be a horror story. If that’s the case, it failed miserably.  I don’t fear for any of the characters because I know that there is a good chance that we won’t lose anyone.  Rather than this being a horror story, it’s more like a monster movie which does not need to be scary.  It fails as a horror story but is a great monster story.