After a year and a half of sub-par issues of Batman Beyond we finally get a great issue this week.  This week we are reviewing Detective Comics #941, Batman Beyond Rebirth #1, and Batgirl #3.

Monster take over Gotham City as the Bat Family loses communications in Detective Comics #941.  This story just gets crazier and crazier as we enter the third part of The Night of the Monster Men.  There are no words that I can think of that can describe how much I enjoyed this issue.  I have nothing to complain about in this issue, however, I do hope they explain how Batman knew this problem was started by Dr. Hugo Strange. 

For people who grew up in the early 2000’s, you may remember a show called Batman Beyond.  Unlike other comic book heroes Batman Beyond did not start out as a comic.  In Batman Beyond Rebirth #1, the flashbacks are referring to the original origin story.  This makes me so happy because in the last Batman Beyond series it felt so different than it should be.  There is one question that I still have and that is how much of the TV show and the continuation comics will be put into this new series. 

Finally in Batgirl #3 Barbara Gordon continues her super-spy adventures in Asia.  Half of this issue I really enjoyed, the other half we have seen countless times before.  Batgirl breaks up with her boyfriend to protect him.  The story moves from Shanghai to Seoul, South Korea and I have to say that the background of the panels change to suit the location which I really enjoyed.  There are some comics that when they change locations it feels like they are still in the same location.