To my knowledge this week is Fire Prevention Week.  So in honour of this week I’m going to discuss how to protect yourself from giant monsters or at least Batman will. This week is the debut of the first ever cross-over in the DC rebirth line-up and it’s called Night of the Monster Men.  The two books we are looking at today are Batman #7 and Nightwing #5.  Both of these books are part of the same story, so I’m going to review them as one comic.

Night of the Monster Men starts out with the Bat Family trying to evacuate Gotham before a hurricane.  The thing with this story is, it is a monster story first and a horror story second.  In traditional monster movie fashion the reader finds out who the person is who caused the monster outbreak right away.  To be honest, I am surprised that they used this character in a way like this.  The character is Hugo Strange, a mad psychiatrist and scientist.  The beginning of this story is well written with a few flaws.  One flaw that stands out, to me, the most is when Batman sees the giant monsters he automatically knows that it is the creation of Hugo Strange.  I don’t know how Batman would know this.  I am guessing that Batman automatically thinks it is Hugo Strange because of his involvement in the last story but I find it a bit of a stretch.