Hello everyone!  This week I have four books to review.  Overall these books were interesting but there was only one book that I really enjoyed reading.  This week we will review All-Star Batman #2, Detective Comics #940, Red Hood and the Outlaws #2, and finally we have Gotham Academy Second Semester #1.

If the last issue wasn’t confusing enough All-Star Batman #2 upped the confusion level by a landslide.  The thing is, I like the author but I am more confused than I was last issue and don’t even ask me to summarize the story because I will probably mess that up.  I hope that the future issues are less confusing or else there is a chance that I may drop this title.

The best comic of the week award goes to Detective Comics #940.  This is the final chapter to the first story of the new Detective Comics story line and it is epic.  I can’t say much about the story due to the fact that it is the final chapter of a story but I will say that if you want a really good Batman conspiracy story start reading Detective Comics.

In Red Hood and the Outlaws #2, the Red Hood has to fight against a character called Artemis.  While I like the story in general the comedy bits fall flat.  I usually like Scott Lobdell’s comedy but this issue failed in the comedy in my opinion. 

Finally in Gotham Academy Second Semester, we have a story that we have seen a million times before. It goes like this, girl’s friend leaves her to hang out with a guy, girl makes new friend who turns out to be a bad girl, girl realizes that her new friend is a jerk due to her friend hurting another person, and finally girl breaks off the friendship.  We have seen that so many times! And this is after the original Gotham Academy ended with a strong ending.