Sorry about not making a post last week.  I was too busy playing World of Warcraft to care about you guys.  This week we have four books, Gotham Academy Annual #1, Batman #6, Batman Beyond #16, and Nightwing #4. 

In Gotham Academy 1st Annual comic the gang splits up into two group to figure out two different mysteries Scooby Doo style.  I was bored to tears with this issue because we have seen this type of story in a previous issue already.  I did not care about the outcome of the story.  I just didn’t thing this series needed to tell this story.  If you haven’t picked the Annual yet, do yourself a favour and wait until it’s in a trade paper back with other stories.

After the death of her brother, Gotham Girl goes insane in Batman #6.  This is an amazing epilogue to the story from the previous five issues.  The whole issue is about dealing with the death of a loved one and the dialogue is written beautifully.  To me the writer conveyed perfectly the sense of loss a person feels after the death of a family member.  I have lost people I care about and what Gotham Girl goes through in this issue is exactly what I have felt at times.  This was a great ending to a great story.

Tim Drake finally saves Terry McGuiness in Batman Beyond #16.  This is the final issue of the Tim Drake-Batman Beyond series and it is written well.  There are some problems but nothing I really can complain about.  This series has seen ups and downs like a roller-coaster but I am satisfied with the way they ended this series.  Next month we start the Terry McGuiness-Batman Beyond series and I hope that the writer can learn from his mistakes and makes his next series better.

Finally Nightwing  and Raptor decide to strike at the Court of Owls when they are most vulnerable.  To be honest most of the details in this issue are forgettable.  The main story is great but the journey between the main points I don’t remember at all.  This issue also marks the end of the first story in the series.  This story needed a few more issues to flesh out the character of Raptor and to explain the situation Nightwing  is dealing with in greater detail.