I finally got rid of the Joker.  The cops didn’t believe me at first.  I had to show them the horror of what the Joker did to my room, the red on my walls is definitely not paint.  With that being said we only have two books to review this week.  It would have been three but I forgot one. So the five books we are looking at today are Batman #5, Nightwing #3, Detective Comics #939, Batgirl and the Birds of Prey #1, and Batgirl #2. 

Batman has no choice but to use extreme measures in Batman #5.  This was the finale of the first story in the new Batman series.  I loved the way the writer ended this story arc.  The one complaint I do have is there could have been a little more explaining about Gotham and Gotham Girl’s powers.  I felt this story only vaguely touched upon their powers. 

Batgirl joins Nightwing and Raptor in Nightwing #3.  This is an odd issue because I love the general story, I just hate how they went about executing it.  In this issue we learn how far Raptor is going to go to complete his goals.  The problem is the way the plot presented itself.  Some could interpret it as a convoluted mess.  There were so many ways that the writer could have got his point across without making it complicated.

Batman and his team has to stop a mass murder conducted by the government in Detective Comics #939.  This was an amazing chapter in this story.  I was really worried that after the last chapter that this one would be bad.  This is due to the fact that the last issue could have been a great ending to the story.  Luckily issue #939 does not disappoint.

In Batgirl and the Birds of Prey #1 the Birds of Prey team is finally assemble as they work together to find out who is stealing the identity of Oracle.   I enjoyed this issue however the first two or three pages kind of confused me due to the fact that the author did not say it was a flashback in the beginning. 

Finally in Batgirl #2 we see Barbara Gordon try to establish a life in China as she goes undercover to learn who attacked her.  While I liked the story we saw elements of it from previous Batgirl stories, such as the new boyfriend who is probably going to get dumped or killed in the next few issues.  My vote is on his death.  There other things that we have seen before but I am not going to go into them.