After a two week absence I’m back to review two comics.  These comics include Batman #2 and Batman Beyond #14.  I am not going to talk about last week’s Grayson issue because it added nothing to the Grayson story line.

There is nothing much to talk about when it comes to Batman #2.  This issue felt like a set-up issue without giving the reader much information.  I did enjoy this issue for the fact that it seemed very natural to the Batman universe.  I would have liked this issue more if we got a hint at who Gotham and Gotham Girl were.

Meanwhile in Batman Beyond #14 there was a lot more information given to the reader however this issue is entirely set up for the battle between Batman Beyond and Rewire.  I can’t say anything more due to the fact that there is a great twist to the end of the story that could tie in to the Grayson story line.