A couple of blogs ago I believe I said the twelfth issue of Robin, Son of Batman was the final issue of the series.  It turns out that there is an issue 13.  Along with issue 13 of Robin, Son of Batman I will also take a look at Detective Comics #935.

Detective Comics #935 continues the story where issue #934 left off.  In this issue we get some team drama as Red Robin doesn’t understand why he is not out in the field yet.  There is a ton of character development in this issue with Red Robin and Spoiler going back together as a couple. 

Meanwhile in Robin, Son of Batman #13, Robin and his team has to fight a wizard that came back from the dead again!  How come bad guys who die never stay dead and I wonder what the life insurance policy is like.  Overall this was a great conclusion to the series but I do have one question.  Will this story continue in the new the Teen Titans or the new comic Super Sons?

Next week the second Grayson Annual will come out and it will be the only comic in the Batman line-up and from what I hear it is just a side story about Jim Corrigan.  I will not be reviewing this comic unless there is something major to talk about.