This week we have one issue that begins a story and another issue that ends a story.  These two issues are: Batman #1 and Poison Ivy, a Cycle of Life and Death #6. 

After learning that missiles have been stolen from a military stock pile in Gotham, Batman has to save a plane from crashing in Batman #1.  This issue is an emotional issue due to the fact that it is hinted that Batman may die.  I am going to talk about the ending because a lot of people who read comics already knew the ending before this issue came out.  Batman meets two new heroes, Gotham and Gotham Girl.  I’ve got to say that I hope that their character arc is more interesting than their names. 

In the final issue of Poison Ivy, a Cycle of Life and Death, Poison Ivy and her family have to fight for their lives with the aid of Swamp Thing.  I loved the confusion of this story.  It wraps up everything and shows potential new stories for the new characters that this mini-series has introduced.