Last month we had Detective Comics #52.  This month we are having issue #934.  The reason is that before the August 2011 reboot, Detective Comics was at issue #933 and they decided since it was close to 1000 why not just continue with the old numbering.     The other two comics we are going to review are Red Hood/Arsenal #13 and Black Canary #12.

Batman and Batwoman revealed to each other that they are cousins and must join together to train three other heroes and a villain in Detective Comics #934.  This issue is a great starting off point for a new reader of the Batman franchise.  The story introduces the characters really well and tells you what has been going on.  The other thing that I enjoyed about this issue is it recognizes the readers who have been following the comics for the past five years.  However, the one problem I have with this issue is the fact that Batman decides that Red Robin needs to be trained with Spoiler and Orphan even though Red Robin has been active for years. 

Red Hood has to save Arsenal’s life in this final issue of Red Hood/Arsenal.  This whole series has been an action comedy with a few serious issues.  This last issue was totally serious ending the Red Hood/Arsenal series.  I am surprised that it did not do any set-up for the future Red Hood and the Outlaws series.  Overall this issue was a well written finale to a great series.

In the final issue of Black Canary, Black Canary has to deal with someone invading her mind for the second or third time in this twelve issue story.  I’m glad this series is over, I always knew that there weren’t going to be many issues to this series and that is why I continued to collect it.  Last week, in Green Arrow Rebirth #1, Black Canary made her debut as a reoccurring character in that book.  She will also be in the future Birds of Prey series.  As for her own comic, I enjoyed parts of it but most of the context I couldn’t care less.  I will probably collect the graphic novels just so my collection looks nice but that is just about it.