DC Rebirth is in full swing with the main story released last week.  One thing I have to say before we start this blog is while I enjoyed the inclusion of Dr. Manhatten as the person who created the current incarnation of the DC Universe, I don’t know how he can be dealt with.  The guy can literally think people out of existence.  With that out of the way, the two books that we are looking at right now are Batman Rebirth #1 and Batman Beyond #13.  From now until November a lot of comic book series that DC publishes will have a rebirth issue that acts as a prologue to the main series which the next issue will be a number 1.

Bruce Wayne teaches Duke Thomson, from We Are Robin, to be part of the Bat Family as they try to catch the villain Calendar Man in Batman Rebirth #1.  This issue bridges the gap between Batman #52 and the new Batman #1.  The way they do this is by answering a lot of questions that the previous Batman and We Are Robin series has asked.  Overall this issue is well written and I can’t wait for the next issue of Batman to see what will come next in the story.

Last time in Batman Beyond 12 we focused on Terry McGuiness, this issue (#13) we learned that last issue was a flashback.  This issue is written in the style of an episode from Arrow.  There are two stories going on, Tim Drake and Terry McGuiness.  Overall this is an exceptionally well written issue.  I can not wait for the next issue to find out what happens next.