This week we have three comics that are the end of their series.  These three comics are Grayson #20, Batgirl #52, and We Are Robin #12.  With all of them being final issues there will be little plot discussion in this blog post. 

Grayson #20 is written in a style that would suit the ending to a James Bond movie.  This issue wraps up the story line perfectly without leaving any questions.  The next issue that will feature Dick Grayson is Nightwing Rebirth #1.  I don’t know how Dick Grayson can go back to being Nightwing due to the fact that Nightwing’s identity was exposed in the Forever Evil story line.  Time will tell if the future of Dick Grayson will be well written or not.

Batgirl issue #51 was a good start to a two-part story.  When the second part of the story came in Batgirl #52 I was severely disappointed.  About half way through this comic book I just stopped caring.  This issue was mostly set-up for the next Batgirl comic coming out next month.  By the time Batgirl leaves to go on her back-packing trip to Asia I had forgotten the reason that she was going. 

Duke and his gang of Robins try to stop a former Robin from stealing from Bruce Wayne.  I liked this issue but it left too much dangling for a final issue.  With Duke’s story continuing in Batman, Detective comics I am hoping that these characters will not be forgotten.