The two books we are reviewing this week deal with parenting in some way or another.  These two books are Poison Ivy, Cycle of Life and Death #5, and Robin, Son of Batman #12. 

For any parent the teenage years of your child’s life are usually the hardest.  I know I was a handful for my Mother.  Poison Ivy has to deal with three teenage girls that were babies just 25 weeks ago.  This issue does not move the plot along very much and after reading it I felt like that the fifth issue was just filler.  For a mini-series there is usually no room for filler due to the fact that they have a limited amount of issues.  With the next issue being the last issue, this story could have been written a different way and told the same story. 

On the cover of Robin, Son of Batman #12, Robin fights a T-rex, unfortunately there is no T-rex in this story at all.  Issue 12 sees Robin fight and defeat his enemy which he defeats the enemy in a way that Robin wouldn’t usually deal with a villain.  This issue has a lot of character growth for Robin and the new characters they introduce in this series.  There is one more issue to this series but I don’t see how they could continue the story for just a single issue.  I guess we will have to wait and see what will happen.